People who are looking for some online fun and entertainment will love online casinos. The digital version of land-based casinos, they offer the same games and their variations to interested gamblers. While people in the past had to travel to an actual casino to play their favorite games, place wagers and even earn some cash— today, there’s less hassle involved when people choose to enjoy some gambling fun.

One no longer has to be physically present at a bricks and mortar casino to play casino games. With online casinos, you can get access to your favorite games 24/7. If you’re hoping to immerse in the interesting, fun and exciting world of online casinos, you’ll realize that some specific terms and words are used in the digital gambling environment that newbies are most likely not going to be able to understand.

If you’ve never played in these settings before, these terms might confuse you. Some of these words and phrases might even seem like alien language to you. This is why, before you decide to play a casino game, it will be worth your time to at least learn some basic words that may likely be used during a game. Perhaps one of the most common words that you’ll hear thrown around when you play at an online casino is “bet”. 

But there are several other words aside from bet that you’ll hear other players say. It’s quite interesting how so many players decide to step into the world of online gambling without even having a good grasp of what these commonly-used terms are.

No matter how confused you are when playing these games, it’s crucial to not let other players know that you don’t understand the words that are being used. When other players can sniff out that you are practically a newbie, they might take advantage of that fact. This could only lead to you losing as a result as they will try their hardest to expose your weakness.

It wouldn’t hurt to do a bit of research before playing a casino game about the common terms that you’ll likely encounter. This should at least better prepare you for the actual game. Below are some of the most common terms you’ll likely be hearing when gambling online.

Active Payline

This refers to the symbols that need to line up for you to earn the prize. This is especially true for slots games. The paylines that you are wagering on are considered as active paylines. Also, they will only be active the moment you place a bet on them before the slots machine is spun.

Betting Max/Min

This pertains to the amount that you’ll be allowed to bet for a certain game. Maximum bet is the capped amount that you’re allowed and the bet minimum pertains to the lowest amount you can place as a wager for the game. Not a lot of people are fans of betting caps as in gambling, the higher the bets are, the more you’ll get if you win. So, it makes sense that most people would want to be able to place higher bets if they can.

Casino Tournaments

These are very popular events in online gambling where players compete with other participants and try to outdo each other.

Generally, players will be required to pay an entrance fee to take part. At the same time, they are sought after due to the hefty prizes that they are usually attached with.


This refers to the act of distributing the cards in a card game. The person dealing the cards is referred to as the dealer.


This has to do with the advantage of the casino over players. It is also referred to as the house edge or the house advantage. Often, it is portrayed as percentages and players are always advised to look for games with a low percentage for the house edge as this means that they will have a higher chance of winning the game. This is especially true for games of luck.

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