The Truth About Online Casino Bonuses— Interesting Points Every Gambler Needs to Know

Almost every single online casino these days will offer bonuses to potential players to encourage them to play. This comes in a variety of forms and with varied conditions attached to them. For instance, there are No Deposit bonuses. Some may offer a deposit match bonus. Some will even offer up to 400% of whatever your initial deposit is.

That is quite impressive for these online gambling sites to give out free money to their players, considering the number of people that flock to them on a regular basis. You’re probably wondering how these casinos manage to remain in business despite all these giveaways.  

The truth is, these “free money” you’re being offered is not really free. Online casinos can’t just give out all these massive figures to their players regularly without anything attached to them. The truth is, bonuses do come with certain terms, conditions and limitations.

If you are interested in taking advantage of these offers, it would do you well to learn more about what these attachments are so you can make the most of the bonus being offered to you. It would help immensely too to learn about the different types of bonuses you’ll likely encounter out there and what they entail.

No Deposit Bonus

Perhaps one of the most effective ways that online casinos grab potential players’ attention, it’s where they have to download the casino’s online gambling software and sign up for a new account. There are casinos that will ask the player to provide a payment method. Once the sign up has been completed, the casino will then deposit the money to the player’s account.

Generally, the amounts could be around $10-$15. Small figures, yes, but they are usually more than enough to help give the player a chance to look around, try the games out and decide whether the site is one place he would love to keep playing at.

There is a little catch for this bonus though, if you wish to withdraw the amount, you will likely be asked to meet specific wagering requirements. This means you will need to gamble the bonus you got several times, depending on what the casino has set as a wagering requirement.

On average, casinos would require players to gamble the bonus amount at least 20 times before they can withdraw the full bonus amount. In addition, they might even require a max amount that you’ll be able to cash out— say, for a $15 bonus, you’ll only be allowed to cash out a maximum of $50. If you wish to avail of this type of bonus, you can always do so. Just don’t expect that you’ll get a lot of money out of it.

Deposit Bonus

A very common online casino perk, this is given by the casino the moment you make a cash deposit. Casinos are known to offer higher amounts for these kinds of bonuses. After all, the player has already made a monetary deposit. It’s common for casinos to match these initial deposits 100% or even more.

There are casinos that would happily offer a 400% deposit bonus. However, they do still come with some form of restrictions. There will be a need for you to meet a playthrough requirement several times before you’ll be allowed to cash out. The good thing about this bonus though is that the cash amount isn’t going to be limited.

Specific Game Bonuses

This is where the casino will offer you bonuses that you can only use playing a specific game that the casino has preselected. It is common for casinos to offer this when they’re launching a new game. It could come as a point or a specific cash amount you can spend. As always, there will be restrictions, so learn about them before accepting these offers.

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